who am i?

I'm a 7th grade science teacher, sometimes grad. student, well rounded dyslexic neurotic basketcase (but in a good way!). 

I am a total goofball.  I like to be silly and have a good time.  If I had to describe myself in a word it would probably be quirky.  I'm sort of a geek and a little nerdy.  I'm a big fan of snark and have a rather sarcastic sense of humor.  I like all things science and nature.  I love music, movies, television, and books.  I'm pretty much a pop culture junkie.

I knit as much as I can, it helps keep me sane.  I occasionally crochet, but I'm not very good at it.  I also love dyeing and spinning my own yarn!  So, I pretty much a full on fiber junkie...    

Other than knitting I also love doing other crafty things (trying to sew, some beading, etc) and am obsessed with pop culture (book, movies, music, television, etc). My blog doesn't really have a cohesive theme, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.  I read a lot, so definitely take a second and check out my book review section if you're looking for book suggestions.