Sunday, February 24, 2013


50/50 Challenge Movie Number Seven


First impression - Good god what is wrong with Ben Affleck's hair?!?  Very disturbing look for him...

Funny flick.  Not making my top ten list, but totally watchable and fairly funny.  I was very distracted by Affleck's hair though.

One for the Money

50/50 Movie Number Six

One for the Money:

I read the book over the summer (and have the next two, but haven't read them yet.  They are more poolside reads then winter reads), so I figured why not watch the movie?  I'm not a huge Katherine Heigl fan.  I didn't mind her in the first two seasons of Roswell, but she annoyed me in the third season.  Haven't really liked her since.

Cute movie, but nothing really to write about.  Jason O'Mara isn't bad to look at, so that helped.  Followed the book pretty closely.  Don't really have much else to say...

Young Adult

50/50 Movie Number Five

Young Adult:

I was under the impression that this was a comedy but, although it was funny in places, it was mostly just sad.  I found it incredibly painful to watch Mavis throw herself at her ex.  Definitely made me hope I've never fond over an ex the way she does...  I mean we all have the one that got away, but once they are married and have a child you should probably accept the fact that they are not coming back...

I wasn't expecting to like this movie much at all.  I thought it was going to be a stupid comedy... Overall, it was very watchable and I liked it a lot better than I thought I would.  I am a little depressed now though...  I'm still hoping my own personal nerdy guy is out there waiting for me somewhere and I just haven't met him yet.  Or maybe I have.  Date three with new guy went pretty well.  Though, I am a little nervous I might have scared him away...  We will see what happens.

Favorite Quotes:
"Mavis, I'm a fat geek, I know what a zombie is."

"Psychotic prom queen bitch."

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tiny Furniture

Movie Four!

Tiny Furniture:

I'm a tad obsessed with Lena Dunham at the moment (see my earlier post about Girls).  Though not quite as polished as Girls, this movie had sort of the same feel and even a lot of the same cast as the show.  I liked it.  I hope there are more movies in Dunham's future.  Definitely laughed when they mentioned the book The Giver. I remember reading that in fifth grade and recently just reread it.  What an odd reference...

Loved the scene where they are making different flavor combinations with jelly beans, and the one when they are discussing porn.  I could totally see myself stuck in that sort of awkward conversation.  Thought it ended sort of abruptly, but overall found it an enjoyable watch.

Favorite Quotes:
"They touch inappropriately and do not do what they are told."

"I'm so sorry I slapped you!  I'm just so overwhelmed!"

"Poems are a very stupid thing to be good at.  Poems are basically like dreams.  Something everybody likes to tell other people but stuff that nobody actually cares about when its not their own."

Lars and the Real Girl

Movie 3 of my 50/50 Challenge.  I need to pick up the pace and I'm going actually accomplish this.  I watch too much tv.

I thought this movie was both quirky and sweet.  I like a movie that isn't more of the same old same old, and this one was not that.  Well written and original, I loved how the whole town took care of Lars.  It felt like a throwback to a simpler time.  Gosling's performance was great as always, I think I love him a little more every time I see a move with him in it.

Friday, February 22, 2013


So, I've never really been into podcasts very much... but I got sort of addicted while on vacation this week.  I've always been a big Kevin Smith fan and read/listened to a few of his books recently (I've also seen him live a couple of times), but never listened to his podcast.  Not sure why, other than I'm not a big podcast person.

Started listening to Smodcast, Smiterview, and Jay & Silent Bob Get Old this week.  I'm pretty hooked.  I don't know why I didn't get into them sooner.  If you're not a Smith fan you're probably not going to like them.  If Kevin is anything, he is him.  Always.  At no time does he censor himself or tries to be something he is not.  I'm totally find with that.  There is a lot of talk about poop and cocks and Fleshlights, but it's funny.

In true me fashion though, I have to listen to them in order.  I can't jump around.  Some of them go back several years.  It's going to take me a while to get caught up... That's ok though, I'll enjoy the process.  My audiobook habit is taking a serious hit though.  I didn't listen to a single book this week.  That is very unusual for me.  I usually get through several books a week.  I feel a little guilty.  Kind of like I am cheating on my audiobooks...

Oh, and one last thing.  Jay, really?  You're favorite tv show is CSI Miami?  That is the worst of the CSIs!  Horatio drives me insane...  I am disappointed in you!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

Second movie of my 50/50 challenge.  I am really falling behind...  Sadly I was very disappointed in this movie.  I was really expecting to love it, and I definitely did not.  It completely failed to capture the magic of the book.  It is really a shame, because the book was so good (at least I thought it was).  Some how the quirky characters in the book became kind of unlikeable in the movie.  The movie felt very shallow compared to the book.  Oh well, you can't like them all I guess...

My original review of the book for comparison:

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Yes I know technically this is young adult fiction, but whatever, I loved it (though I will admit it wasn't the most well written book I have ever read).

Music has always been a huge part of my life (yes, I have been known to label the folders on my computer with lyrics - try explaining that to the geek squad guy at best buy!) and I loved the role it played in this story.  The first thing I did when I arrived at college was snoop through my roommate's CDs. I'm a firm believer that you can learn a lot about a person based on their music tastes.  Also, those of you that said there was far too much gratuitous swearing, when was the last time you talked to a teenager? Every other word out of their mouths is a curse. Fucking hell, I'm 30 and other then when I'm at work, my vocabulary rivals that of any sailor.  Plus, any book with a Heathers quote in it deserves 5 stars in my world.

This book made me want to find my musical soulmate and hold his hand... I hope he is out there somewhere...

"The way you're singing in your sleep / The way you look before you leap / The strange illusions that you keep / You don't know but I'm noticing."

"Hunter and Dev launch into a fucking Green Day cover, and we're all seven years old again and dancing like we spit out the Ritalin while Mom wasn't looking."

"Nailed what?" "Everything." "What do you mean?" Dev takes his arm and puts it right against mine, skin to skin, sweat on sweat, touch on touch. Then he glides his hand into mine and intertwines our finger. "This," he says. "This is why the The Beatles go it." "I'm afraid I'm not following..." "Other bands, it's about sex. Or pain. Or some fantasy. But The Beatles, they knew what they were doing.  You know the reason The Beatles made it so big?" "What?" "'I Wanna Hold Your Hand.' First single. Fucking brilliant. Perhaps the most fucking brilliant song ever written. Because they nailed it. That's what everyone wants.  Not 24-7 hot wet sex.  Not a marriage that last a hundred years. Not a Porche or a blow job or a million-dollar crib. No. They wanna hold your hand. They have such a feeling that they can't hid. Every single successful love song of the past fifty years can be traced back to 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand.' And every single successful love story has this unbearable and unbearably exciting moments of hand-holding.  Trust me.  I've thought a lot about this."

"I stand up from the table and wiggle my index finger at Nick. He'll never get it, but I borrow from Heathers as I leave him to follow Tris. "A true friend's work is never done,'" I singsong. "'Bulimia is so '87, Heather,'" he answers. HOLY SHIT squared. I think I just had my first orgasm."

And I find myself saying, "It wasn't really about her." And finding it's true. "What do you mean?" Norah asks. "It was about the feeling, you know? She caused it in me, but it wasn't about her.  It was about my reaction, what I wanted to feel and then convinced myself that I felt, be ause I wanted it that bad. That illusion. It was love because I created it as love."

"...when Tal and I talked was more like he manifesto'd and I listened."

"I shouldn't want the song to end. I always think of each night as a song.  Or each moment as a song. But now I'm seeing we don't live in a single song.  We move from song to song, from lyric to lyric, from chord to chord.  There is no ending here. It's an infinited playlist."

"He's my fucking musical soulmate."

“We are the ones who take this thing called music and line it up with this thing called time. We are the ticking, we are the pulsing, we are underneath every part of this moment. And by making the moment our own, we are rendering it timeless. There is no audience. There are no instruments. There are only bodies and thoughts and murmurs and looks. It's the concert rush to end all concert rushes, because this is what matters. When the heart races, this is what it's racing towards.”

“I've given him more mixed signals than a dyslexic Morse code operator.” 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sometimes I am not very bright...

What a good week!  First, blizzard Nemo provided me with a lovely 4 day weekend, so I only had a four day work week.  Second, I had vacation to look forward to.  And third, second date with new guy went pretty well.  I am still being cautiously optimistic and keeping the details to myself for now.  However, I think I might kind of like him (and I certainly like being told I'm awesome).

But... on a knitting note, things were not as good.  I THOUGHT I was finally back on track with my sweater, and then I discovered the being the moron I am I attached the sleeves to the INSIDE of the sweater, not the OUTSIDE (you know, where sleeves are generally located).

What an idiot I can be sometimes...  Oh well, what are you going to do?  I painstakingly tinked backed two rows and re-attached the sleeves.  Now I'm back on track again.  Hopefully I can avoid making any more stupid mistakes!  This project is becoming less and less enjoyable...  I am ready to be done and move on to something else.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Feb Sock Yarn Has Arrived!

My sock yarn package arrived yesterday! Would have written about its arrival last night, but I actually went out. Like on a date. And, you know what? I had a good time. I will not be sharing details quite yet, let's wait and see where things go first...

Okay, back to the yarn! First off, if feels delightful. It is superwash, cashmere, and nylon. It also came with a cute little project bag and a blank card with an adorable haiku.

I can't wait to get started on a pair of socks. It has been quite a while since I made a pair. Right now I am leaning towards starting out with the lacey pattern. I am not sure why, but I feel like the color of the yarn suits it a little more. I think I will use something a little darker, and maybe more solid, for the other pattern.

closer look at the color
However, I really want to finish my current sweater project before casting on. I am afraid that if I stop working on the sweater before it is completely done then I will never pick it up again. It wouldn't be the first time I have done that with a project! Thankfully I am on vacation all next week, so I will have plenty of time for knitting. The goal is to finish the sweater and then cast on socks. Check back for updates!

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Feb Sock Club Patterns

My first patterns and recipes have arrived from the 2013 Cookie A. Sock Club have arrived! I'm super exited.  Check out the goods.  

Pecan Cookies - light, crisp, tender, nutty
Fig Bars - a more "adult" version of the store bought, crisper with a more wine favor

I am not a huge baker, but I feel like I'll have to at least try all of these recipes at least once.  Or, someone could bake them for me if they want to!  

Indigodragonfly MCN Sock Yarn in E Pluribus Nom Nom Nom (Out of Many Jars, One Cookie).

All varying shades of green, can't wait to see what dyelot I receive.  I hope it arrives soon!

Ernie (named after the Keebler elf)
Newton (named after Fig Newtons)


I like them both.  They are very "woodland-ish".  Not sure which one I am going to start with.  I think I need to see the color of the yarn when it arrives.  I have soooo much sock yarn that I am on a mission to knit lots of socks this year (once I finish my sweater of course).  I think if the yarn ends up being more of a grassy green I'm going to use it to make the Newtons, but if it's a deeper emerald I'm leaning towards the Ernies.  Eventually I will make them both.  

What do you think?


It's official... My blog hit 5,000 views!  I'm not sure who's actually reading, but hopefully you are enjoying it.

I'm still patiently waiting for my first Cookie A. Sock Club yarn delivery.    Tracking info says it's in San Francisco, hopefully it will arrive soon.  I am enjoying another snow day today, so more work on my sweater will be done.  Can't wait to see the yarn!  The first two patterns and recipes are scheduled to be delivered through Ravelry today.  Updates to come later!

More info here:

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Buttons Acquired

I am finally zipping along on my sweater and feel like the end is actually in sight.  I really hope I don't end up with the same fit issues as B had with hers.  I'm trying to stay optimistic about it.  I even stopped at JoAnn's to pick up some buttons today.  I went to the store planning on buying two more of the silver buttons I already had a couple of, but found different ones and sort of fell in love with them.  They were pretty cheap too, so that's an added bonus.  What do you think?

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Back on Track

Alright, I have my sweater back on track.  After ripping back 12 rows I was able to play around a little and end up on the right row to start the back chart when I got to it.  I was also able to fix the side cables (they previously ended on the wrong row).  

The being on the wrong row for the back chart was probably my fault.  I've been off on the last few cables for a few repeats now (kept being on the wrong side row when it was time to cable).  However, there are so many mistakes in this pattern that I'm annoyed and it's driving me a little insane.  I'm not a bad knitter by any means, but I need a well written pattern.  I am not good at finding mistakes.  I always assume I am wrong, not the pattern, and that is just not the case with this one.

Oh well, hopefully it will be smooth sailing from this point forward.  I really want to finish it soon.  I got the tracking info for my first Cookie A. Sock Club shipment by email today.  The yarn should be arriving in a couple of days, the patterns and recipes available for download on the 11th.  Can't wait!  

"Am I stupid, or a bad person?"

Watching some Private Practice on Netflix this evening while doing some work...  Addison asked Shelton, "Am I stupid, or a bad person?"  Lately I feel like this is a question I should be asking myself...  I am not the queen of good decisions, never have been.

Friday, February 08, 2013


I really want to be done with this sweater, I feel like it is taking absolutely forever.  I finally got to the back chart, but I wasn't on the right row to start it.  Somewhere along the way my cables got messed up.  I kept being on the wrong side row when it was time to cable...  Then I'd try to compensate, and some how I ended up a good 5 rows off.   So in classic me fashion I just kept going... I figured I could work it out, but I just kept getting more and more off.

So, I just threw in the towel and ripped back about 12 rows.  Now it's time to try to get the stitch markers back in the right places and figure out how to get back on track.  Hopefully this time around I will be on the right row when I get to the back chart again.  We will see!  

Thursday, February 07, 2013

What is the What

Not part of my 50/50 challenge because I listened to the audiobook instead of reading the physical book (I'm trying not to count audiobooks).

What Is the WhatWhat Is the What by Dave Eggers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow.  This is a powerful read.  I had heard mixed reviews.  Some people loved it, others hated it with a passion.  So, I was nervous, but I'm glad I read it.  It will leave a lasting impression.  I'm starting to think I need to check out some more of Eggers's work seeing as this is the second book of his in the last couple of month I have read by him and really liked.

“I cannot count the times I have cursed our lack of urgency. If I ever love again, I will not wait to love as best as I can. We thought we were young and that there would be time to love well sometime in the future. This is a terrible way to think. It is no way to live, to wait to love.”

“But everyone disappears, no matter who loves them.”

“Hello Frances, I have just been to health class, and I was wondering how your feminine parts were developing.”

“It was always difficult to get cattle returned once a marriage was dissolved.”

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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

50/50 Book 4?

A Brewing Storm (Derrick Storm, #1)A Brewing Storm by Richard Castle
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I'm not sure I should really be counting this as a "book" for my 50/50 challenge.  It is definitely a novella at best being only 83 pages long.  Still, for what it is (a not real book written by a fictional author) it was entertaining.  One could picture Castle writing this.  It appealed to my fan-girl side.  Yes, I'll read the next one...  Though I think I prefer the Nikki Heat series, at least they are closer to actual books.  Still, I could see this being one episode of a crime drama television show.  It pretty much reads like the dialogue to a tv episode than an actual book.

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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Well, I guess it's true...

Several things have been drawn to my attention in the first month of the new year...

I am apparently all of the following:

and a whore

And you know what?  I probably am all of those things.  The people in my life that have pointed those things out all had valid arguments.  (Although I will draw the line at intimidating.  I don't think I am intimidating.  Maybe to small children, but not to adults.)  I am not a saint.  I am not a martyr.  I am not awesome.  I have no illusions that I am loved and adored by all.  Actually, I assume that most people either out right don't like me, or  they are indifferent to my existence completely. 

I also think it is funny that not a single person who was taking the time last month to make me feel bad about myself actually picked up on any of the things that are truly wrong with me.  I am not perfect.  One might go so far as to say I'm even a bit more broken than your average bear.  However, I refuse to be one of those girls that whines about all their "problems" on the internet and shares ridiculously personal information, including insane amounts of detail, with strangers.  I think those people are bat shit crazy.  Which is not to say I am not crazy...  I just like to try to keep my particular brand of crazy as contained as I can.

So here is what I will say.  We are not black and white.  People are not generally either good or bad.  There are positives and negatives about all of us.  But the negative parts do not define who we are, nor do the positive.  I think that part of growing up is identifying the your own strengths and shortcoming, owning them, and making them work for you.  So here is me... the good, the bad, the ugly.  Don't expect this level of personal often on here, that's not my style.  However, this might be the most honest description about myself I have ever written.

I collect words.  A lyric here, a quote there, passages from books...  Choose your words wisely around me because I will hang on them.  Good, or bad, I will take them to heart.  I think I am a better writer than any of my high school teachers gave me credit for, but at the same time that was a very, very low bar.  I desperately wish I could string my thoughts together into sentences that  were worthy of the passion I have, but we were not all destined to be writers, and there are others out there that are far better at it than I (so I unabashedly steal their words...).

I have impeccable taste in music.  Do not argue, I do.  Yes, I will judge you on your musical preferences, but I will try my hardest not to hold them against you.  Though that depends, there are some musical sins that are just unforgivable.  When I can't find the right words there always seems to be a song that expresses my thoughts for me.  I do believe my "musical soulmate" is out there somewhere (points if you know what book this idea is from).  I have always maintained that you can learn a lot about a person based on the music they love.  The first thing I did when I moved in the the dorms my freshman year of college was flip though my new roommate's CDs. Way, way too much Phish...  

I'm not hot, or pretty, or even cute.  But you know what?  My eyes are intense and I usually smell nice. That should count for something... yet, sadly, it's usually not enough to get a guy to notice me.

I am smart and I am not bashful about it.  I don't have a lot of talents, but I can learn most things pretty quickly.  I think fast and often get impatient around people who take too much time to process.  I know a little bit about a lot of things, and a lot about a few very specific things.  I have weird gaps in my knowledge that occasionally make me feel dumb, but I am not.  I am fascinated by all things science and nature related.  I am much more nerdy than I appear...

Sometimes I drink too much, but I have never smoked a single cigarette in my life.  I am shy.  Painfully so.  Sometimes I let my anxiety sabotage my good intentions.  I am also silly.  I can really be a total goofball if I am comfortable around someone.  It's just nearly impossible for me to start a conversation with someone I do not know, so it takes me longer than most to open up.  I am more than a little neurotic, but try my best to hide it.  I'm quick to tears.  I cry more than a normal person should.  I am easily hurt, and though I will forgive, it is impossible for me to forget.   I wish I had a better poker face, but I wear my emotions out in the open for all to see. "You got inside my head / I tried my best to be guarded / but I'm an open book instead."

I am obsessed with pop culture...  I can get lost in a good book, movie, or television show.  I am rarely bored.  I can usually entertain myself with one of my many hobbies.  If I'm sitting down I'm almost always either perusing the interweb or knitting something.  I devour books.  If I could have made a career out of reading books and writing about books and comparing books to other books I would have.

I like the outdoors, but am not a fan of sports.  I'd rather go for a leisurely hike with my camera or find a sunny spot to read a book.  

I am sarcastic and have a snarky sense of humor.  I find myself having to say "I was just kidding" a lot, and most of the time I was (but not always).  I am loyal and caring, and occasionally even funny.  I've been through a lot, but who hasn't?  Most of the time I try not to let my past interfere with my present, but it certainly shapes the person I am.  Some wounds are so deep that the scar just never fades completely.  I don't like to admit it, but I am way more jealous and insecure than I would like to be.  

I try really hard not to take myself, or life, too seriously, but find it an ongoing struggle.  I live inside my own head far too much of the time.

"I've always been a dreamer / I've had my head among the clouds / Now that I'm coming down / Won't you be my solid ground?" 
~the perishers