Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another great weekend!

I've been very busy with my job, my second job, and grad school since the summer ended.  It's nice to have good weekends to decompress a bit.  I always have more work I should be doing.  I swear I could just keep working continuously and never completely catch up on everything.  Because of this, I sometimes feel guilty when I take time out to do fun stuff, but I'm trying to get past that and do something fun every weekend.

This weekend's adventure included:

Road trip to Webs - got some lovely lace, enough tweed for a revamped version of my Estelle sweater, and another skein of the yarn I was originally using for my Estelle sweater.

 Next we went for a short hike in the D.A.R. State Forest.  It was a little muddy, but the weather couldn't have been nicer.  I forgot how much I like hiking.  The trees were pretty and the scenery was lovely.  Definitely need to fit more of these types of adventures in.

Stopped for lunch on the way home at Red Robin.  Good burger, fries, cherry lime-aid... Yum.  I also witnessed my first beer milkshake.  That was interesting.  

Wrapped up the evening by picking out a knitalong project to do with A and B.  We all got the same yarn in different colors and are going to all make this cardigan: Waiting Cardi.  I'm using the yarn that I started my Estelle sweater with.  I wasn't loving my sweater.  I still love the yarn and the pattern, but I'm not loving them together.  My gauges was just so far off it wasn't going to look right.  So, now the Charlemont will be used for this knitalong project, and then the tweed above will eventually become my Estelle sweater!  

So far I have cast on and am almost done with the cuffs.  No more knitting today though, too much work to catch up on.  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lovely Weekend

Well, I didn't get quite as much work done this weekend as I would have like to, but it was a fabulous weekend none the less!

Friday - suffered through the traffic to make it to the Friday night knitting group. There was a good crowd and it was fun as always.

Saturday - cleaned the apartment, went food shopping, did laundry and then had knitting buddies over for take out Indian food and Sherlock. Watch all of season 2 and now am sad that there is no more on Netflix to watch!

Sunday - slept in and then went bowling. I prefer candlepin. The lack of wood and the big balls are just not my thing. However, a friend's team was going to have to forfeit and need subs to play, so it was all free (except forte drinks) and was quite fun. I definitely didn't win, but I didn't come in last either.

I managed to get 10 more hexipuffs knitted as well. That brings my total up to 66! Still a long way to go, but definitely making progress.

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Monday, October 08, 2012

12 more...

12 more hexipuffs done.  That brings the total to 56!

Monday, October 01, 2012

The Dangers of Tipsy Knitting...

Thought I was finally off to a good start with my Estelle sweater...  Then at knitting Friday night I discovered that I skipped an ENTIRE SECTION of the pattern during my previous tipsy knitting adventure with a friend who shall not be named...

In my defense, I think the pattern is kind of poorly written... but still, how does one manage to skip a whole section?  Particularly after they correctly managed the math required to adjust the size for a different weight yarn...  Drunk algebra, no problem!  Drunk reading, apparently not my forte...  Probably could have just ripped back to the end of the lace chart, but I was so annoyed that I just frogged the whole thing and figured I would start completely over.  I still love the yarn and the pattern, hopefully I'll cast back on soon, with better results the second time around.

On a positive note, the same unnamed friend introduced me to Sherlock on that evening of knitting fiascos, and I loved it.  Watched the first three episodes, can't wait to watch more!