Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hammy and Me

It has come to my attention that I have knitting ADD. My boyfriend once compared me to the hyperactive chipmunk Hamilton in the movie Over the Hedge. My brain moves a mile a minute and I get distracted very easily, so it shouldn't come to as a suprise to find out I have about four or five knitting projects going on at once. Right now my main focus is to try to finish my Rusted Root sweater from Zephyr Style. Although the pattern itself is quite easy, I have struggled with it for some reason. I've taken it apart twice already. Once to switch to a small needle size because the gauge was wrong. Again because when I put the sleeves on scrap yarn and tried it on it was huge!!! So now I'm on my third attempt, but I'm making some progess... here's what it looks like so far:

And here it is with the skirt I am making it to match:

I am also working on this fantastic DNA tank top and these ripple socks, along with a circular shrug in a chunky light green yarn. When I get around to taking pictures I'll post them.